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MAKSİAD As Machine Industry Looking At Our Company

Machinery industry is the main sector producing investment goods within the sectors and has a very important place in the manufacturing industry. It includes all sub-sectors called "engineering industries" where machinery, equipment and spare parts are manufactured. It is a sector of industry that is given priority in all developed countries and defined as a priority sector. Scientific studies and research are intensive and indispensable The importance of the role of the locomotive that the Machinery Sector has undertaken in the economy can not be denied. It is an indispensable part of a machine-industrial country that revitalizes all sectors, drives them as a driving force, and is the vital part of economic growth. One of the most important endeavors and a source of income for a country's economy is the machinery sector. maksiad the gain of Industry of Organized Denizli Machine Specialized primary targets, adding to the sector's needs with qualified personnel cultivating and young engineers, manufacturing network, we have to have a voice in Turkey's machinery production in the world. MAKSİAD believes that the more compact and physical lower and upper structures of the producers of the machinery must have the modern production facilities on the advanced conditions. Within the framework of Turkey for the year 2023 500 billion dollar export target to reach, in a modern building extremely successful production network and a preferred range will occur.